Going through a Divorce can be one of the most stressful times of your life. It is a time when uncertainties abound and emotions run high. Your home, retirement, security, stability, and all of the things that you had planned and worked for suddenly fall out of your control and into the hands of the court.

To make matters worse, the system into which you are placed is rife with new terms and procedures that can be confusing, making it more difficult to make good decisions. At Kathleen Vossler & Associates, we pride ourselves on our ability to guide you through the process, help you to understand the terminology, the law as it applies to your case, and the procedures of the family court system so that you can make calm, informed decisions about your case, and resume your productive life in a positive manner.

Divorce cases can be resolved through Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation, Settlement Agreement or Collaborative Law. At Kathleen M Vossler and Associates, we are prepared to handle your case in the way that is best suited for your circumstances.

We work hard to settle your case outside of litigation when possible, to enable you to get on with your life more quickly and with lower costs to your wallet and your psyche. But if your case requires litigation, you can rest assured that Kathleen M Vossler and Associates will fight hard to get the fair division that you deserve.

Same Sex Divorce

With the right to marry comes the right to divorce. Those rights are available to persons in the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transsexual community (LGBTQ) Kathleen Vossler & Associates can represent you in your same sex divorce case or other family law matters.

While in many ways, the issues are the same, you will find comfort in knowing that the lawyers and staff at Kathleen M Vossler & Associates will work hard to help you through this difficult period with dignity and respect, just as we do all of our clients.

Assets and Property Division

Texas is a community property state, meaning that all property or assets owned by the parties at the time of divorce are presumed to be owned by the community and subject to division by the court. Separate property, however, is not divided.
It is important that you hire an attorney who knows the difference and will work with you to determine what assets belong in your community estate, the value of those assets, then work hard to ensure that you get your fair share in the divorce. Some times, the parties are able to come to agreement as to what is a fair division of property and debts. When that is not possible, you need Kathleen Vossler & Associates to present your case to the judge or jury to ensure that you are treated fairly and can move on with your life. Therefore, it is important to immediately protect your property interests by contacting our firm right away.

Child Custody Disputes

Your children should always be your main concern and priority over anything else. Children can be emotionally scarred for life if parents can’t resolve child custody disputes. If a dispute occurs that our attorneys can’t help resolve, we will fight for your rights in court.

Child Support Enforcement

Our family law firm can help ensure that your children will be financially taken care of by filing for temporary and permanent orders for child support. If the parent does not comply, we are experts at filing court child support enforcement action for the sake of your children.

Modifications of Child Support and Visitation Orders

If the need arises due to change of circumstances, such as loss of employment, increased earnings, or other extenuating circumstances, we can schedule a hearing to ask the court for modifications of child support and visitation orders.

Parental Rights and Termination

Parental rights can be either voluntarily or involuntarily terminated when a parent does not wish to have a parental role, or he/she has abandoned, neglected, or abused a child or is otherwise unfit to be a parental figure and termination action can be then taken.

Paternity Suits

When a father wants to prove his parentage to seek parental rights, custody, or visitation, or a mother wants to prove a person is the father of her child in order to seek child support, we have extensive experience with filing paternity suits and establishing the rights and duties of both parties so that the child can grow up with the support and love of two good parents.

Grandparents Rights

Some times, one or both parents decide to withhold visitation or custodial rights from loving grandparents without good cause. We can evaluate the situation to determine if we can take legal action to salvage a relationship with your grandchildren. We know how important grandparents rights can be for children who love them.

Enforcement of Court Orders

When the other party does not comply with orders of the court concerning any of the above family law issues, it causes unnecessary stress and problems. Kathleen Vossler & Associates can file a motion to enforce the court orders, including, in some cases, asking that the court find the other party in contempt, which entails a number of punitive and corrective measures.

At Kathleen Vossler & Associates, we work hard to make sure that you, as our client, understand the court orders that are signed in your case, as well as the ramifications of failing to follow those orders so that you do not violate the orders yourself. When we have clients who are accused of violating the orders of the court, we work diligently with you to help you to clearly understand what the order requires of you, then we fight hard to defend you in court.


There are few areas of family law that are more celebrated than the addition of a young one through adoption. The adoption experience is one that should be remembered fondly for years to come. At Kathleen M Vossler & Associates, we thoroughly prepare you and your case so that your experience is one that focuses on the joys of adoption. We handle the details so that you don’t have to worry about them.

Protective Orders

Family Violence is a very serious issue in our society, and one that demands careful and thoughtful attention when dealing with family law cases. At Kathleen M Vossler & Associates, we have years of experience in handling family violence cases. We have represented victims of domestic violence.

We have represented perpetrators of domestic violence. We have represented children of domestic violence and we have represented persons wrongfully accused of domestic violence. It is an issue that we take very seriously, and one that we understand profoundly.

Domestic Violence is a trait that is often handed down from generation to generation. The cycle of violence is a cycle that can be broken, with the proper information and tools. At Kathleen M Vossler & Associates, we work very hard to secure protective orders for our clients who need them.

We help our clients to understand some of the aspects of the domestic violence cycle, and we help direct you to the myriad resources available so that you can successfully break the cycle of violence and live a safe, happy and productive life.

Child Support

The laws of the State of Texas mandate that each parent provide support for their minor children. It is only fair and only natural that both parents contribute financially to their minor children, to each of their abilities. In the context of a divorce or a child custody case, that typically involves a court order of support.

Kathleen M Vossler & Associates has been helping parents to establish court ordered child support obligations, to enforce those court orders and to modify them when circumstances change.


Many times, one or both parents decide to withhold visitation or custodial rights from loving grandparents without good cause. We can evaluate the situation to determine if we can take legal action to salvage a relationship with your grandchildren.

We know how important grandparents rights can be for children who love them.


Mediation is method for parties to come to agreement with regard to their disputes, instead of having a Judge decide all of the issues for you. As such, it serves multiple needs – For our society, when parties resolve their disputes through mediation, they help to alleviate the pressures on the courts, which do not have time to hear every dispute. For families, it is a process by which the parents can come together in agreement on what is best for their children and themselves.

Kathleen M Vossler has been a certified mediator and certified family law mediator since 1996.

She has served as Mediator and has represented her clients at mediation. Because of the success of mediation as a method of resolving disputes, many cases are able to be successfully resolved through mediation, which is why many courts mandate that the parties attempt to mediate prior to having a hearing or trial. Kathleen M Vossler and Associates work hard to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for mediation and that you have all of the information necessary to obtain a fair and amicable settlement of your case.


When cases cannot be resolved through mediation or other type of settlement, we take them to trial, put on evidence and let the judge or jury decide. Kathleen M Vossler and Associates are experienced trial lawyers who will thoroughly prepare your case and present it to the judge or jury and work with you toward your desired results.

When you first meet with us, make sure you bring all documents with you that can help your attorney with your case. Important papers to locate are pre-or post-nuptial agreements; financial and bank statements; property deeds; credit card, mortgage, regular bills, and loan documents; insurance policies; and tax returns. Your attorney may request more documents depending on the issues of the case. The sooner we get these documents, the sooner we can try to get you the case results you need and want.

Please don’t try to go it alone during such a difficult time of your life. If you live in Houston or anywhere in Harris County, from Cypress to Clear Lake, from Kingwood to River Oaks, Deer Park to Tomball, or Baytown to Spring, or anywhere in between, and need a knowledgeable, caring Houston law firm, please contact the family law attorneys at Kathy Vossler and Associates, at (713) 861-9447, or go to our contact page and email us to request a consultation.